Brian Svoboda

Sound Designer

I began studying and performing music at age 9. Sharing music with others always brought me great joy. Performing was an exciting, figurative language that allowed me to express intimate emotions. Through developing this passion, I discovered the world of musical theater and the joy of blending musicality, technology, creativity, and organization to build productions that would meaningfully connect audiences with art. Harnessing this energy, I developed a career in sound design that has seen me through freelancing, touring, management, and graduate school. I designed this website to give you a glimpse into my journey and the designs that I continue to create. I currently work at Meyer Sound, where I use my experience to guide others in their pursuit of the perfect sound. I’m excited to see what the future holds for sound design, as more stories emerge every day that can be told using the imaginative power of sound.

“Rhythm is a heartbeat. It’s the first drum, a story in sound that reveals our imagination and celebrates our power.”

– Tony Vacca

I’ve been busy in the studio putting together a demo reel. Check it out.

Explore recent theatre designs, compositions, and paperwork to get a sense of my creative and technical process.

Read about my work on this website and on current sound design projects.

Recent Updates

Sound System Design Drafting

I believe that staying organized throughout a creative process is paramount to the success of a project.  I created this post to give readers a sense of this organization. Included below are PDF drafting packages from shows in my Portfolio as well as drafting from...

Making of “Passage Through Fear”

In an unprecedented move to showcase the behind-the-scenes sound design process, I bring you the "Making of Passage Through Fear". This documentary-style short video examines the creative and technical methodology for redesigning a clip from The Cell, a psychological...

Making of TSR Part 3: The Aesthetics

In what is essentially the second iteration of this website, I've made sweeping visual changes that were precipitated by malaise surrounding the original visual concept. I wanted a website that looked unique and reflected my personality. With Version 1, I was...

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